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Thursday, 2 July 2020

N-POWER : For S.S.C.E And N.C.E Holders Count Yourself Out If You applied Under These 2 Categories.

In this life you have to be very vigilant and cautious in every you are doing or trying to do because you might end of falling Among the victims. Some people will be too careless if you tutor them in a particular something they will go ahead and do what they like.

Remember this N-POWER program is not only for graduates but including those people who even not attempted to go school in their life, Government have given them the opportunity to apply but those people who attended schools may end up losing the opportunity because they have missed the Road already.

If you could remember they were many categories during the online application of this year N-POWER recruitment, and the federal government even make it clear on how to apply for even those who were not graduate, let me explain some categories for both the graduate and non — graduate below; 

For Those People Who went through the Higher institution like university or polytechnics and got Their discharge certificate are the ones to apply under N-TEACH and N-HEALTH.

if you applied Under this two categories and you have no discharge certificate please just count yourself out from the program because you choose the wrong category.

For Those People Who Have Gone to school at all were the ones to apply under N-BUILDING and N-Creative, for this category even if you go school you don't have to apply for it because you may end up losing the job, it meant for the unskilled people.
Let me now explain to those people who have National certificate in education (NCE) and Senior secondary certificate examination (SSCE), for those that has NCE don't applied for N-TEACH because they said only those who have discharge certificate are going for that category likewise the N-HEALTH.

Forget that you studied education during your school time.

I know some people will be thinking of why I shouldn't apply for N-TEACH and I have studied education? My brothers and sisters forget it's not for you if not you will disqualify yourself just go for N-tech or N-Creative.

And For SSCE holders too N-tech and N-HEALTH is not, even but you can apply for N-Agro because it might help you and N-Creative too can help, but apart from this two Categories if you applied for another Category as an SSCE holder just count your self out.

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