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Thursday, 28 May 2020

See the Transformation of Merlin to Emrys in the Movie Merlin. When Will Nigerian Nollywood Learn?

The name Merlin has over time become a house hold name due to the wide acceptamce and popularity of the movie in many homes, particularly in Nigeria since I'm writing from that part of the world.

As a teenager at the time, i never joked with the TV series, infact, i remember quite vividly how i spent the entire night watching Merlin with my siblings. Mom will come chase us to go to bed but we will come to living room eventually minutes after she had gone back to her room.

Quite frankly, while watching Merlin, I tried to memorize the spells he used but failed because i was no magician. That was exactly the level of effect the movie had on me. I made sure I saved up money to buy each season till the last and even when it finiahed, I remeber suggesting to my elder brother to write a season 5 for the producers of the movie.

Little did i know what happened behind the scene. I mean how did the producers find such perfect match as Emrys for Merlin. I continued to ask myself that qustion and eventually I settled with the created conclusion that it could be an old man from somwhere else that looked exactly like Merlin. What a coincidence. Now i know better. It was all make up, from a professional. Then i asked again: How can Nollywood be as good as Hollywood in movie production?

After seeing this transformation process, I'm very much convinced that Nigerian Nollywood has a long way to go in movie Production ( Pre-Production, Production and Post Production)

The Movie Merlin

Recall that in the movie, Merlin, the young warlock turns into an old man, Emrys who is Merlin's alter ego. Merlin uses a spell in order to transform into that old man and requires a potion made by Gaius to transform back to his young self.

Transformation Photos Below:

Nigerian Nollywood needs to do better.

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