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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Boil Lemon grass, Dogoyaro and Lemon to archive this great results

Hello everyone! Giving you first hand information has been our goal and priority so that we all will be in a state of good mental and physical health.
In today's lecture our focus will be on preparing this recipe and also educating you on the health benefits of this recipe.

Materials Needed
Fresh lemon grass
3 Lemon fruit
Neem or dogoyaro leaves

Wash the lemon grass, dogoyaro leaves and limes, Boil for 20 minutes. Ensure you cut the lemon into halves.

Drink in the morning and at night for 5 days. For preservation, warm every morning. Please don't refrigerate.

The recipe is effective in all these:
It promotes detoxification of the body by removing/flushing toxins away from the body.
It treats and prevents sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, staphylococcus, herpes, chlamydia, human papiloma virus.
It is effective in treating malaria and typhoid fever
It maintains good oral hygiene and health
It cures nausea, vomiting or traveling sickness
It treats rheumatism and arthritis
It purifies the blood and cures respiratory problems.

Additional tips

You can choose to add moringa leaf. This recipe is effective in:
Trearing low libido in both male and female
Increasing mental clarity
Improving vision
Increasing sex drive and good sexual performance
Increasing energy and endurance

Health benefits of lemon grass
It boosts immunity
It prevents cancer and infection
It treats fever and respiratory disorders
It rids of insomnia and obesity
It prevents stomach disorders
It promotes skin health

Health benefits of neem (dogoyaro)
It protects against diabetes
It is effective in treating malaria symptoms
It gives relief from bad breath
It lowers the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases
It relieves from constipation, bloating and cramping
It protects the teeth and gum against oral periodontal

Health benefits of lemon
It stops internal bleeding
It provides relaxation to the feet
It gives relief from fever and cold
It cures indigestion and constipation
It controls high blood pressure
It reduces dandruff and gives the hair a natural shine
It eases pain of sunburn and bee sting
It stops nose bleeding.


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