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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

NYSC Allowance 2020 for all States: Check out the Current Amount

In as much you are getting ready for your NYSC service year, you should know they are many gold mine states which are full of opportunities and extra state allowance for Corp members. In this article, we have helped you shortlisted NYSC allowance 2020 for all states in Nigeria.

NYSC Allowance 2020 for all States: Checkout the Current Amount
Before anything else, you need to note here that for you to be eligible and qualified to receive this allowance from these states that pay corpers extra allowance (allawii), you must be serving in a public establishment. Those serving in private establishments can also be paid, but only by negotiating with their employer.

NYSC Allowance for all States
Below are the list of NYSC allowance for all states in Nigeria 2020;

1. Anambra State
From our research, we’ve discovered that Anambra State is the highest paying state in Nigeria, they pay ₦8,500 monthly to corpers serving in public establishments, minus the usual 19,800 paid by Federal government.

2. Akwa Ibom State
Closing following Anambra state in terms of paying corpers extra allowances is Akwa Ibom State. This state pays ₦5,000 monthly to corps members deployed to their state who are working in a public establishment.

3. Jigawa State
This state pays ₦5,000 monthly

For those who may not be aware, Jigawa pays N1000 bimonthly to non-medical Corper.
However, the state pays N53000 bimonthly to Doctors (Medical and Veterinary)
While for other health workers apart from doctors, they are paid N26,500 bimonthly.
4. Delta State
From research done, we’ve concluded and can confirm that this state pays corpers working in a public establishment, ₦5,000 every month.

5. Zamfara State
This state pays ₦5,000 monthly to all corpers.

6. Nasarawa State
This state currently pays ₦5,000 monthly via table payment.

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7. Bayelsa State
This state pays the sum of three thousand naira only (₦3,000) every month to those in town and ₦5,000 to corpers who’s PPA are close to water.

8. Osun State
This state pays ₦5,000 monthly to all corpers, excluding the usual 19,800 Federal government allawee. They receive ₦20,000 every four months. The last time they received such allowance was in February 2019.

9. Katsina State
This state pays corpers the sum total of four thousand Naira only (₦4,000) monthly.

10. Oyo State
This state pays four thousand Naira only (₦4,000) monthly and it’s very regular.

11. Sokoto State
Sokoto pays corpers working in a public establishment, three thousand, seven hundred and fifty naira only (₦3,750) monthly, but you’ll only be able to receive it at the end of your service year. A total of ₦45,000 will be paid to your account.

12. Enugu State
This state pays one thousand Naira only (₦1,000) every month to corpers in the town (Enugu North, Enugu East, Enugu South) and ₦3,500 to those serving in local areas (villages).

13. Kebbi State
This state pays ₦2,000 monthly to corpers working in state government-owned establishment.

14. Lagos State
Lagos state likes doing things differently, standing out and making waves. The state has a policy unlike other states in Nigeria.

This state pays this allowance to the first 100 lucky corpers to be registered for the NYSC scheme; i.e ₦15,000 monthly to some lucky ones who are serving in public schools and ₦10,000 monthly to the lucky ones serving in the state secretariat.

However, for you to be eligible for this promotion, you need to be among the first 100 lucky corpers, immediately you’re given your PPA letter, hurriedly rush to Alausa Secretariat, at the ministry of special duties to have your number, cause it’s a slot and it’s strictly on the first to come, first to serve basis.

One of the major reason why we didn’t point out Lagos state as the highest paying state for NYSC corpers is that they don’t pay this allowance to all the corps members deployed to their state, unlike Anambra state that pays everyone serving in public establishments.

15. Taraba State
This state pays corpers working in public establishment six thousand Naira only (₦6,000) monthly, they select some few NYSC corps members serving in public establishments in their state and pay them. This was implemented in December 2018 and to date, the state government is still paying.

16. Adamawa State
Adamawa state pays ₦20,000 to NYSC corps members who are deployed to their state during the POP.

17. Ebonyi State
The state government paid NYSC corps members deployed to their state nine thousand, seven hundred and fifty-seven naira only (₦9,757). This payment was shortlived, as it started in October 2018 and ended in February 2019. Since then, they’ve never paid any corper a dime.

Most people are saying that the all of sudden state allowance was politically motivated, because, the state Governor stopped paying immediately he was re-elected for the second term in office during the 2019 Elections.

18. FCT Abuja
The Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Abuja does not pay corps members any allowance, not minding the fact that it’s the capital of the nation.

However, it is much easier to earn money as a corper in Abuja, since there are lots of big companies that you can serve in and those big companies pay huge amount of allowances to the corps members serving there.

19. Kwara, Bauchi, Kogi, Niger, Kaduna, Ekiti, Plateau, Rivers, Benue, Kano, Imo, Ondo, Ogun, Yobe, Cross River, Borno, Abia, Gombe, And Edo State.
Lastly, these states mentioned above do not pay anything to corps members deployed to their states.

It is very important to note here that some Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) also pay. My PPA then was 40k cash monthly, while some pay higher, other PPA doesn’t pay a fine, apart from 53k bi-monthly from the state government.

What’s your take on this article? Kindly leave your comments below, if you have any other questions about NYSC allowance 2020 for all States, you can use the comment box below.

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