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Friday, 24 April 2020


Have you ever wondered what other job you may do to increase your source of income? I think you have done that. Look at some of them here.

Advert With Property: You can make this a side job from where you can develop passive income. Your properties are yours therefore you have the right to use them how you like. Placing adverts of different companies and websites on your property, let’s say your car, can generate you some money. You could be a taxi driver. As a taxi driver you can paint your car with advertisements an earn from the people you advertise their product for.

Drive People: You can get a part time job in a transport company and drive people around where they want to go and the company will pay you.

Deliver Items: This is an easy and a simple task you can do together with your job. You can work for some business enterprise delivering goods to their customers. You can put the schedule in a way that it will contain your job time and other time for any other job you wish to do.

Shop: Do you love shopping around? You can work as an independent contractor delivering groceries for other people since you love shopping around. Why not do it for others and earn. This is a great way of making money. You could be making money per hour with this side job. When you get the order, you shop the order and get paid immediately.

Babysitting: This is another great way of making passive income especially if you can schedule your time for this job very well. Example you may have to babysit the child on weekends or in the evening if you work during the day.

Dog Walking and Petting: if you love animals then this can perfectly work for you. Pet sitting if flexible because you can decide when to do it since it won’t be done every time and it is easy to do and even enjoyable.

Clean Places: There are many places you can clean and get paid. People’s offices, shops, homes, etc. This can be a very important source of income to add to your main job.

Wash Cars: Set up car wash stations and earn money when someone uses this station. You can also do the washing yourself and earn more. 

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