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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Having sex with another woman is not cheating, says IK Ogbonna

Sex with another woman who is not your significant other isn’t cheating, Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna has said.
The actor, who is married with a child to Colombian Sonia Morales, gave his two cents about infidelity in relationships during a chat with BroadwayTV on Tuesday.
According to Ogbonna, cheating is when there is evidence of emotional attachment and feelings with someone else other than your significant other.
He said: “Cheating is not even having sex with a woman, that is one mistake people make. Cheating is when you find yourself developing feelings for someone.
“Let me explain, if a man finds himself in a situation where he sleeps with a woman for 30minutes and he’s done and dusted and then you move on with life.
“That ceases to exist the second it ended. You only just broke your marital vows, that’s not cheating.”
The actor who doubles as a model continued, saying, “Cheating is when you start sharing a hundred percent of you with someone else.”
Ogbonna recently featured in ‘Excess Luggage’, a film he co-produced, where he plays the character of Enyinna, an illiterate village man who is headed to Canaanland, Ogun state, with his wife and their son.
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